Inspection (BladeEdge Analytics)

Extend the Lifespan of your Wind Turbine Blades

The wind industry continues to grow rapidly and is driving energy production and creating jobs. While industry growth and new builds continue, it is increasingly important to focus on maintaining your current investment and gaining maximum efficiency from existing assets.

Will your turbines be able to keep pace with increasing demand?

We created our BladeEdge software to help you keep better track of your wind turbine blades. Our tools are the foundation of a strong Blade Management Program, and it all begins with an inspection.

Introducing BladeEdge Analytics℠

BladeEdge Analytics is an expertly-piloted UAV inspection that is key to managing wear or damage on your wind turbine blades. The more you know about how your blades are performing, the better you can plan for maximized use or necessary repairs.

Consider scheduling an inspection if:

  • Your wind turbine blades are coming out of warranty
  • You are selling or buying a wind farm
  • You’ve noticed unexplained noises or vibrations
  • Recent storms may have damaged your infrastructure
  • Your infrastructure is in an abrasive environment (salt, sand, etc.)
  • You’re due for an annual blade inspection

Our in-house flight teams and regional partners throughout the U.S. are trained and certified to capture a complete data set in the field. We’ve also developed an extensive training program that enables your wind technicians to fly inspections the BladeEdge Way.

Our team is available for rapid response and can address urgent needs. We’ll provide a formal inspection report and your data, images and results will be accessible online in the AI-driven BladeEdge Portal.

It All Starts with an Inspection

Blades typically come with a two-year warranty. We recommend scheduling three inspections within that warranty period. Your first inspection should take place upon installation or commissioning to be sure that everything is operating as designed. This will also ensure that factory-to-turbine transportation was successful. The results of this inspection will provide you with a clear picture of your new blade from day one. From there, we can begin to track its lifespan.

A second inspection should take place about one year later. This will provide an understanding of how your blades are wearing and identify any early issues that may be covered under warranty.

Before the warranty period expires, we recommend scheduling a third inspection. If any warranty or insurance claims are required, our BladeEdge software will help owners and operators facilitate the process and negotiate any necessary repairs.

From then on, we recommend annual inspections. Having your wind turbine blades inspected by an expert each year will allow you to manage your assets proactively.

Protect your investment with actionable intelligence from BladeEdge.

Let’s get started.