Capture with BE-CAT
From Big Data to Actionable Intelligence | Improved drone inspection

When conducting a UAV or drone inspection the top priority is capturing clear, accurate data that will allow clients to manage and maintain their infrastructure. Proactive maintenance to repair damage will prolong the lifespan of a wind turbine, increasing annual energy production (AEP) revenue while saving on major repair or replacement costs. Early damage detection is critical, and big data analytics from BladeEdge℠ can help.

One of the biggest challenges of conducting UAV infrastructure inspections is capturing a complete set of images. Re-flying an inspection to capture any missed areas costs valuable time and money. It’s important to capture a complete data set the first time and being able to review the data before leaving the field is critical.

The BladeEdge Capture Assurance Tool℠ (BE-CAT) was designed to help UAV inspectors make the most of each flight. The software is easily accessible in the field, and helps inspectors extract more value from UAV inspections, transforming big data into actionable intelligence.

Saving, sharing and organizing large data sets can also be challenging. BE-CAT helps here, too. This tool also provides an easy way to store and share a large amount of data, you can rest assured that your clients are getting all the information they need to make effective decisions. The software, designed and tested for use in the field, is already in production and has helped countless UAV inspectors derive more value from big data analytics.

BE-CAT automatically prepares files for analysis by BladeEdge software, which leverages deep learning artificial intelligence technology to pinpoint damaged areas on wind turbine blades. When you know you’ve captured a complete data set and can point directly to areas of concern, communicating damage reports to clients is seamless.

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