Expert UAV Wind Farm Inspections –  Fly the BladeEdge℠ Way
Big data, analytics and artificial intelligence are changing the way we do business. For the wind industry, leveraging inspection data to manage your wind farm is the best way to maximize the lifespan of your assets, increase your annual energy production (AEP) and help you make decisions on maintenance and repairs.

UAV pilots who are trained to fly the BladeEdge Way deliver comprehensive inspection data every time. They have access to the tools, education and training they need to fly quality inspections and capture the data they need in the field every time.

BladeEdge Training

We’re proud to provide advanced training on the proper procedures to capture turbine blade imagery via drone flight. We call this flying “the BladeEdge Way.” Our training program consists of classroom and flight instruction as well as field experience including actual turbine flights. We’ll share our secrets on flight patterns, positioning, descent speed, focus, pixel spacing, staying on angle, and more.

The comprehensive training program includes:

  • Developing pre-operations briefings
  • Developing pre-operations setup
  • Identifying and Understanding safe flying conditions
  • The BladeEdge Way Flight Inspection Methodology
  • BE-CAT user training
  • Data management
  • On-site drone flight and data capture of turbine

Learn to Fly the BladeEdge Way

We’d like to see you in Grand Forks, North Dakota for the next BladeEdge training session. To register or for more information, please reach out to the BladeEdge team.