BladeEdge℠ Advances Artificial Intelligence Data Processing for the Wind Industry

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – BladeEdge, a leading provider of big data solutions for the wind industry, is pleased to announce the launch of EDDIE, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis engine designed specifically for the wind industry. EDDIE was created to enable automated condition assessments of blade inspection images, data analytic processing and report generation.

“EDDIE brings the future to today’s wind industry,” said Chris Shroyer, BladeEdge president. “This revolutionary technology truly has the power to transform the industry by working up to 75% faster, more accurately and more scalable than traditional data analysis methods.”

BladeEdge debuted EDDIE at the AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference in Coronado, California, treating conference goers to live demonstrations of EDDIE at work. EDDIE processes wind turbine inspection data and automatically generates easily-consumable reports.

As AI, EDDIE has the capacity to work around the clock, processing data non-stop and delivering results with 98.8% confidence in data accuracy. EDDIE helps maximize the useable life of each asset reviewed, and tracks changes over time. With EDDIE, blade damage is caught sooner, making decisions regarding maintenance and repair easier than ever before.

EDDIE was designed to process any type of wind turbine inspection data – from drone or ground scope capture images to legacy data. EDDIE automatically categorizes data and identifies anomalies, delivering reports that highlight blades requiring immediate attention and provides operators with a comprehensive understanding of all reviewed assets.

Blade management processes become more efficient when backed with the power of EDDIE, freeing teams to focus on revenue generation instead of data analysis.

“The true benefit of EDDIE lies in the time savings,” continued Shroyer. “When engineers can spend less time analyzing large amounts of data and more time strategizing on improving efficiencies with preventative maintenance, EDDIE’s ROI is incredibly high.”

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